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and my airlink wirless usb and all running on ubuntu 10.04. so why do u load startupmanager? i should remove it? kartoffelfreund: there is no use to having it unless you need it for something kartoffelfreund: use what ever tools you want. kartoffelfreund: thers no need to remove it kartoffelfreund: if it was installed by default on 10.10 - it may of been removed. ok thanks can i install it again later on? skotos, i think this is ubuntu bug #564135 Launchpad bug 564135 in ubuntu "Swap partition setup not possible on single boot disk system (dup-of: 533429)" [Undecided,New] Launchpad bug 533429 in kubuntu-default-settings "Support for swap partition on an existing disk" [Wishlist,Won't fix] kartoffelfreund: depends on if you plan to use it or not. skotos, can you fix that bug in your startupmanager no i dont need it but is it still important? for the next versions it will make system safer, if swap is on different physical disk I dont see much need for it - and if you were going to set up a ubuntu server with some 10+gb ram - I would Not bother with swap. Even if you just had 2gb ram on it. or You can use a swap file of course. i dont have much ram and its not a server




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Crack Adobe Acrobat X Pro 10 Amtlib Dll 2022 [New]
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